Heck no I won’t go!

Heck no I won’t go!

Top 5 reasons why one would never attend prom
Amanda Marsh, 2014

12-May-2013 Prom is a formal dance held by high schools. Everyone dresses up in fancy tuxedos, dresses, and wears marvelous hair. Often, groups of friends make their way to pretty scenarios in a limo and take pictures until their mouths hurt from smiling. Delicious dinners are provided, and everyone is expected to dance the night away! Why would somebody not want to attend?


Here are a couple reasons why.

1. “I don’t want to pay for a tux I will only wear once”

Girls pay an average of $200-$350 on prom dresses, and tux rentals are about $70-$100. Many feel that the money spent on formal attire for prom is simply not worth one night. “The chances of me wearing that dress ever again are very slim,” says Sharon Guillen. It’s a lot of money for a dress that will only be worn one night!


2. “I don’t like dancing”

“I have two left feet,” says Daniel Miranda. Many feel dancing around their peers is awkward or uncomfortable. Most of prom night is spent showing off one’s best moves on the dance floor, so it’s not the best place to be if you don’t like to dance. It’s almost as if dancing is the whole point of prom, “So what’s the point?”


3. “I rather use the money on other things”

So much money is spent on one night. Some believe it can be used on something better, or many little things over time. Daniel Avalos has some ideas in mind, “I could buy a new longboard, or better yet, save up for a car. I want to go to some concerts too.” Some students simply cannot afford it. Emily Shnittiger says, “We’re in the process of moving. I don’t know, there’s a lot to pay off.”


4. “It isn’t fun if my friends aren’t going”
Prom is an event made for students in high school, and their friends! It is a memorable night where the traditional prom dress shopping, picture taking, dining, and dancing are meant to be shared with friends. If they are not attending, a lonely night awaits.


5. “I’m too shy”

Some are simply too introverted. Prom is a time to show off.  What if you are camera shy? What if you do not like to dance? What if you hate eating in front of people? Prom would be quite uncomfortable. “It’s just not for me,” says Eric Coxson.            


Who DIDN’T Wear it Better?

Who DIDN’T Wear It Better?
Logan Cross, 2015 & Danielle Pool, 2015
3­May­2013 Since Prom is just around the corner (May 4th, this Saturday!). We have come up with a few hurl­worthy dresses and asked the student body what they thought about them.

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An Interview with Maria Bonilla

MM: What are your extra curricular activities this year here at Willow Glen High School?
MB: Not too many this year, but I’ve been involved in swimming, water polo, and field hockey in the past years.

MM: Do you enjoy playing sports?
MB: I do, the also keep me balanced with school work and stuff.

MM: What are you most passionate about?
MB: Probably swimming because i’v been doing that for the longest time ever…Like it’s one of thing s i’v always enjoyed.

MM: How long have you been swimming for?
MB: I have been swimming since I was i fifth grade.

MM: Who inspires you?
MB: I don’t have anyone specific, I guess like my mom…she helps me a lot, so she is my inspiration.

MM: Which characteristics about your mom do you most look up to?
MB: the fact that she is really easy to talk to, like I can talk to her about anything. Sometimes it’s a little hard because she gets a little bit more passionate about certain things than I do. But she is really easy to talk to.

MM: Where do you see yourself in five years?
MB: Umm… Five years…probably still in college, depending on what I want to be.

MM: Do you have any idea what college you want to go to or what you want to major in?
MB: I’m thinking of UC Santa Barbra, but I’m not really sure what I want to major in.

MM: What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
MB: Considering I’m scared of heights, probably the rope course at camp.

MM: And how has trying different things such as that changed you as a person?
MB: I learned that it was really fun, and now I’m not as afraid of heights.

MM: Do you consider yourself a good leader?
MB: Sometimes, depending on what it is…

MM: Can I have an example of a leadership opportunity that was your responsibility?
MB: I’m a link crew leader, so I’m responsible for leading my group.

MM: Have you enjoyed being a link crew leader this year at WGHS?
MB: Yea I have…It was fun all the things we created.

MM: If you were president, what would be one major change you would make to society?
MB: Ummm…If I were president…I really don’t know…

MM: How do you think people see you as a person?
MB: Well, my friends always tell me that I’m friendly, easy to approach, a good listener…
MM: If I gave you a million dollars right now, what would you do with it?
MB: Take my friends on a trip to the Caribbean.

MM: So you mentioned that you swam, played field hockey, and played water polo, do you feel accomplished in these sports?
MB: I felt that I was good at them, I never felt like I was great at them, but I was good so that’s an accomplishment.

MM: Which sport do you believe is your best?
MB: They are all different in their own ways, in swimming it’s an individual thing, but in field hockey I was a goalie…They are completely different things, so I couldn’t really pick a best one.

MM: Do prefer team or individual competition?
MB: By myself, I get more focused.

MM: What advice would you give to incoming freshman?
MB: Do not procrastinate. At all. Whatsoever.

MM: Sounds good, thank you Maria.
MB: You’re welcome Maddy…